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Like having a new child, taking delivery of a new building or second hand vessel is only the beginning of the vessel owner's responsibility. Once delivery is secured the owner must ensure the vessel is properly operated and managed to maintain the value of his asset - for himself, his investors and the financial institutions that provided funding to purchase the vessel. With Sunscot's comprehensive experience we are in a unique position to secure and maintain vessel asset preservation for all ship owners and investors.

When purchasing second hand tonnage Sunscot will carry out comprehensive pre-purchase inspection or evaluation reports for the prospective buyers and financial institutions. Our reports always include a realistic assessment of the vessel's existing condition along with detailed cost estimates for any repairs that would be required for the vessel to meet international regulations in addition to trading and class standards. As with new building vessels, we can also provide owners considering second hand vessels assistance in securing financing, selection and supervision of dry docking, vessel classification and registration formalities, and recommendations for vessel management.

Sunscot provides consulting services that every owner needs and our assistance is only a phone call away.


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