SERVICES - Ship Broking

Sunscot's ship broking activities are designed to ensure our clients will purchase a vessel that meets their requirements and secure vessel employment that maximizes their return on investment.

Sale and purchase of vessels is a primary factor in our ship broking activities and our services in this area include comprehensive pre-purchase vessel inspections, detailed analysis of vessel maintenance records and professional technical assistance. Our sale and purchase expertise covers the preparation of all necessary documentation involved in the transfer of vessel ownership, including sale forms and registration of the vessel under the flag of owners' choice. This ensures our clients are fully appraised about the condition of the vessel they are purchasing and receive full value from the transaction.

At Sunscot our broking experience includes negotiation of all types of voyage, time and contract of affreightment charter parties covering the carriage of sugar, grain, coal, ore and fertilizer cargoes, plus chemical and palm oil products. We deal with both the dry cargo market and small tankers, and through our regional expertise we have first-hand knowledge of the most profitable employment opportunities for specific types of vessels. We also have an excellent reputation in commercial shipping management for our thoroughness in following up charter settlements and dealing with disputes.

We look forward to your contacting us for all of your broking requirements.


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